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Rickshaw taxis
Be specific when you agree on a price with these Rikshaw guys in Tallinn. Two of us were there on last Saturday ( June 16th 2018) and had a very bad experience. After arriving at Tallinn, (D-terminal from the ferry from Helsinki), we were approached by a Rickshaw driver. When asked the price for a ride, the driver said it is 100 Euros per hour and he will give us a 50% discount. That indicated the hourly rate for the ride is 50 Euros. Then he showed a Price List pasted on the side of the seat, inside, which was printed in small letters. As we had 3 Hours’ time till the return Ferry to Helsinki, we agreed for 100 Euros for 2 Hours, which still seemed too high. Once the tour is over and we thanked him and paid 100 Euros, he wanted another 100 as there were two of us, saying the rate was only per person. And also wanted some tax rates on top of this amount, which he never mentioned earlier. When we asked why he did not mention it earlier, he showed the bottom part of the price list which covers with his hand when he shows us the price list and explain the discount, where it is mentioned in small letters that the price is for per person. We argued that he never mentioned about the per person rate. He argued it is clearly mentioned in the price list and he showed us the price list. Both of us traveled are professionals in our fields and we felt that we were tricked nicely on this foreign land. This price seemed huge as the total ferry cost up and down from Helsinki was only 80 Euros for both of us. However, after a bargain to settle the matter we had to pay another 80 Euros where we felt we had been cheated smartly.
06/18/2018 Thushara

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