A stretch of soft, sandy beach... stylish villas dating from the early 20th Century... outdoor café tables filled with tanned visitors from far and wide... This could only be Pärnu, Estonia’s official ‘summer capital’ and its number one party spot when the weather turns warm.

The town’s credentials as destination for hardcore relaxation were established way back in 1838 when the first seaside resort made its appearance. Today, the tradition continues in the form of state-of-the-art spas where you’ll find countless ways to unwind and spoil yourself. Some of these mega-institutions even come with elaborate water and sauna centres where the whole family can swim, splash and steam to their hearts’ content.

Back on dry land, the cosy streets of Old Town are waiting to be explored. It’s here that Pärnu’s dining and nightlife scene is concentrated, including several cool, new additions for 2016. Be sure to check out the Restaurants & Cafés section of this guide to find out what’s cooking as well as browse the Culture & Events pages to get the scoop on this summer’s hottest happenings.
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