Bloke In Your Pocket


Named after the Bloke Plateau, the location where skiing in Slovenia is thought to have begun over 300 years ago, the region of Bloke some 40km south of Ljubljana covers an area of approximately 75 square kilometres and is populated with 45 settlements of which the charming little village of Nova Vas acts as its administrative capital.

Located at a considerable altitude and known affectionately by some as the Tibet of Slovenia, Bloke is often thought of as a cold place, but this isn’t true at all. Although its height of between 720m and 800m above sea level makes it an ideal place for winter walking, the summers hereabouts are more than pleasantly warm and its streams and meadows, in which you’ll find a wealth of flora and fauna, not forgetting the lovely Lake Bloke, all provide plenty of opportunities for leisurely hiking and the opportunity to generally get away from it all.

Not known as a traditional tourist destination and accordingly rather peaceful and serene, Bloke may well be exactly what you’re looking for.

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