Bihać In Your Pocket

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our local Bihać team is currently working hard to update our guide to the city, which is scheduled to return bigger and better than ever in Summer 2019.

We don’t want to jinx it, but Bihać might just be Bosnia’s best-kept secret. Located on the banks of the remarkable Una river, this is a city that best encapsulates the genuine ‘East Meets West’ vibe that many countries claim, but only Bosnia truly owns. The aforementioned Una is the centre of life here, with a vast array of excellent restaurants, bars and cafes taking advantage of its beauty by setting up shop on its shores. This is a social person’s town without a shadow of doubt, but those looking for a little tranquility will find themselves in a veritable utopia in the shape of the nearby Una National Park. It is said that the Una is Bosnia’s most beautiful river, and it defines the country’s most underrated town. This might be a best-kept secret, but the world is going to find out sooner rather than later. 
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